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It was the last holiday weekend of the summer. I was ordered to shed my suit and have fun, but my best friend’s idea of a good time generally involves a blond, brunette or redhead.

I've avoided any possible entanglements with the fairer sex since my divorce. I didn’t need it. I didn’t want it, until her wild blond hair and hypnotic, twisting figure on the dance floor drew me in like a moth to a flame.

Her body called….I went willingly.

After an encounter I’ll never forget, she vanished into the night like Cinderella without so much as a glass slipper left behind, not even her name.

I thought I’d never see her again. Unfortunately, she’d have to become a memory that I’d continuously replay in my head.

Even now, as I prepare for my guest lecture at NYU, she’s on my mind.

And then she appears, front and center, in the classroom I’m scheduled to speak to.

Surely, my mind was playing tricks on me.

The way she shifts in her seat and keeps her eyes locked on me tells me I'm not imagining this. She’s real.

Now…I have a name, Dylan, and she’s a game changer.

She pushes my thoughts, my limits, and my needs to the edge.

She manipulates me in the best ways. She brings light and passion to our work and our play. As she teaches me how to truly live, will we be able to keep our more than professional relationship hidden?

Harbor in the Tempest is Book 1 in the Desire Series.

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