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September 13, 2020

He was sent to put my body and dreams back together. Were they things I even wanted anymore?

Spencer Broten was a pain in my backside from the moment we met.

I was conned into going on a road trip with him.

Within hours, I realized he wasn't just my trainer. He was much more.

This unnamed, unplanned winding road turned into us getting to know each other as we truly were.

Two broken bodies, two broken souls finding out we were more the same than different.

The line between hate and love is a bitter edge.

Outside or inside.

Where will we land?

August 20, 2020

Life is full of defining moments.



A dance in the middle of a crowded Hamptons nightclub.

Dylan Cooper coiled her way into my hands and into my life at a point I wasn’t expecting it. She was a breath of fresh air who has spun her way into my mind and body. When I let her, she twisted around and through

my soul as well.

I’ve had most things about my life planned out and in order. Over two years ago, everything leapt out of focus. I’ve spent every day since then ignoring or avoiding anything that resembled emotion. Once Dylan was in front of me, I wanted and felt things I’d never dreamed of, including her.

She was the game changer.

Now, I’m finally healing. She’s taking the broken pieces of me and putting them back together in the best free-form fashion. She pushes my thoughts. She dances into my every dream and fantasy. We work hard and play even harder.

I don’t know if she believes in forever. I’m not sure I do anymore either. But it’s looking like, with each passing minute, we could twist and turn together into our future.

 Twisted is a steamy, emotionally charged, contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Driven Worlds project.

January 16, 2020

I leapt headfirst into him, believing he would catch me. He did. He’s taught me I am good enough, smart enough, and beautiful enough. He’s changed me forever. I’m no longer simply a me.  I’m part of a we.


Sometimes, when I feel danger hides in every shadow, threatening to take even more from us, I look to Julian. We have built something stronger. I will protect him with my life, and he will protect me with his. We will have our family.


My heart is healed. That fear is gone. It has been replaced with faith. I have been called many things in my life. Actor. Director. Producer. Friend. Brother. Son. But of all these, husband is the once I’m most proud of.

Alexandra has filled me with a love I thought I’d never have again. The ferocity with which I will protect it is the only thing I truly fear. I won’t let anything take that or her away.


Life is a series of threads pulled tight. Are the good ones enough to allow us to write our future or will the bad ones rock our foundation?

May 7, 2019

She’s changed my life in indescribable ways. I’ve been cemented in my past and afraid of my future. It nearly drove her away. She believed enough for both of us. Now, it’s my turn.

This is not just her future or mine we’re fighting for. It’s ours. I want us to build a life that no man or woman can destroy. She tells me I’ll never leave you again. I’m going to hold her to it.

My heart is still healing, but her kind and forgiving soul, her beautiful spirit, and her passion called me from the first moment. The fear is leaving. It’s being replaced with faith.

Even when the light is dim, or nearly out, she is my light. It’s a kind of light that nothing or no one can extinguish.

This is our life.

This is our love.

This is our time.

Together, now and forever.

August 28, 2018

If I could have written my story, it wouldn’t have started like this. I have dreams that are waiting to burst out of me, but my present is suffocating my future. I want more for myself regardless of who doesn’t.


I vow to find my center in a new city. I will be able to make any and every choice I want without guilt or fear. That is until I find myself terrified of something new, Julian Stone.


My heart is still healing but I find myself completely drawn to a man who is dark, sexy, passionate and terrified to live. I know how that feels. He appears to be living his dream, but can’t lay his past to rest. It bleeds into his every waking moment.


I want to leap headfirst into him, believing he will catch me. 

If he does, I know together we can tear down everything holding us back and build something stronger.

Together, we will be whole.

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