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She has spent her life chasing storms, but little did she know, the biggest storm would include him.

Years of research, money, and loss have led Paige Parker to the edge of danger and back more times than she could count.
Tornadoes send others away to safety, but she goes blazing toward them with purpose, just like her father did.
But memories of her father always bring back something... and someone... she wished she could forget. Noah Marsh.

Noah never expected to see Paige again, let alone in his parents home after an unexpected close call on the job.
Fighting fires comes to him like second nature and allows for the atonement of the guilt he holds close to his heart.

They've been thrust together for a second chance neither saw coming, but will they be able to outrun the storm chasing them before it's too late? 


Chasing Paige is a standalone second chance romance in the Susan Stoker Badge of Honor World.

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